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Aimee Liu is the author of the bestselling novels:

FLASH HOUSE (Warner Books, 2003)is a tale of suspense and Cold War intrigue set in Central Asia. The story centers on an American journalist’s wife whose quest to rescue her missing husband presses her into an unlikely alliance with an extraordinary native child and an Australian spy.

CLOUD MOUNTAIN (Warner Books, 1997) is based on the true story of Liu's American grandmother and Chinese revolutionary grandfather, their marriage in the early 1900s in America and their life together -- and apart -- during the first Chinese Republic, the Warlord Era, and the Japanese invasion of China. Cloud Mountain was serialized in Good Housekeeping magazine, and was published in German, Dutch, French, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Spanish, South American, and United Kingdom editions.

FACE (Warner Books, 1994) centers on a young photographer raised in New York's Chinatown who exposes three generations of family secrets, dating back to Imperial China, while coming to terms with her mixed-race identity -- and her own hidden past.

Aimee is also the author of several nonfiction books, including
GAINING is, in part, a sequel to Liu's very first book, SOLITAIRE (1979), which was also America's first anorexia memoir. Revisiting the questions of what really causes eating disorders and what it takes to fully recover, Liu interviewed leading researchers and more than 40 other women and men with histories of eating disorders.

Aimee worked as a flight attendant, edited business and trade publications, and was an associate producer for NBC's TODAY show before turning to writing full-time. She has co-authored seven nonfiction books and written numerous articles on medical and psychological topics. She has been a guest speaker at Yale University, UCLA, and writers' conferences throughout the country.

She currently teaches as a member of the faculty of Goddard College's Port Townsend MFA program in creative writing. She served as 2002 President of the literary organization PEN USA.

Aimee Liu was born in 1953 and raised in Connecticut, and received her B.A. from Yale University in 1975. She has two sons and lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Martin Fink.