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OUT TAKES ...bits and pieces of story, research, and process

Thanksgiving Advice to my fellow writers

I’m thinking on this Thanksgiving Day that writing is like a complicated recipe.

First you need to gather the ingredients (ideas) and envision the final product; you have to have a general vision for the end result and know what it is you’re making. Then you combine the first batch of ingredients  Read More 
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A Room of Her Own interviews Aimee Liu

Sharing an interview that A Room of Her Own just did with me.

“Our culture trains women to relinquish power over their own body image to others; too often women see themselves only as they think – or are told – others see them. If and when women can own their own sense of their bodies, including the pleasure and comfort and strength and wisdom that their bodies supply, then a positive relationship between body image and creativity can flourish.” Read More 
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