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Coming in February, 2007 (National Eating Disorders Awareness Month)!


"The Perfect Pantomime" - Ms. Magazine

April 23, 2009

Dear Friend:

I’d like to let you know that the Spring issue of Ms. is just about to hit the newsstands, featuring an essay I wrote—“The Perfect Pantomime”—about how eating disorders are wordless cries for relief.

As I write: “Just think of an infant in pain or discomfort. She has no words, so how, beyond crying, can she call for help? She rejects her food. Soon enough, her parents or doctor notice she’s failing to thrive. They comfort her. They figure out what’s wrong and solve the problem. Why shouldn’t the same tack work for the embattled psyche of a suffering young woman?”

The new issue of Ms. also includes several other articles that reflect on the gains for women and children in the first 70 days of the Obama administration, from reversing egregious Bush reproductive health politics to signing anti-discrimination legislation to recognizing women’s employment needs in the stimulus package. One of the stories of particular interest shows how Hillary Clinton is already transforming the State Department into a place where women’s rights are of prime concern rather than just an afterthought. Ms. wil further expand its post-election coverage to Obama’s first 100 days on the www.msmagazine.com website.

The Ms. cover story is the first-ever Ms. “Guide to Women’s Studies,” which overviews the burgeoning academic field—over 90,000 students!—and offers data on nearly 200 undergraduate and nearly 50 graduate programs (with more undergrad data online).

Finally, if you or your child is a fan of the Twilight series of books and films, there’s an article called “Taking a Bite out of Twilight” that gives a feminist critique of its views of young women’s sexuality.

Ms. helps us to be righteously angry (instead of depressed) about what’s going on in the world, and encourages us to use that energy to move forward. Look for it on newsstands or, even better, join the Ms. community at https://store.msmagazine.com/ and have the new issue sent right to your door.


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a suspenseful novel of rescue and redemption set in Central Asia at the start of the Cold War, featuring two unforgettable heroines whose fates are irrevocably intertwined.
The unforgettable tale of star-crossed love that spans four decades and two continents.
A young photographer wrestles with her repressed past and identity as an Amerasian in New York's Chinatown. Now back in print after more than a decade, FACE is Aimee's first novel.
Work on Eating Disorders
While there are numerous memoirs available chronicling individual women’s struggles with anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders, this is the first book to bring together many people’s stories to create a complete and candid picture of the recovery process. Aimee Liu has skillfully brought together firsthand accounts of recovery to create a realistic roadmap for the journey. This book also includes informational sidebars, written by professionals in the field, on topics including treatment options, choosing the right therapist, the pros and cons of medication, how parents and spouses can help, and much more.
How do anorexia and bulimia impact life AFTER recovery? GAINING is one of the first books about eating disorders to connect the latest scientific insights to the personal truth of life before, during, and especially after anorexia and bulimia.
America's first memoir of anorexia, and one of the earliest books about eating disorders, originally published in 1979
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