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Aimee Liu is the bestselling author of the novels Flash House; Cloud Mountain; and Face. Her books have been translated into more than a dozen languages. Her short fiction has been nominated for and received special mention in the Pushcart Prize competition. Her essays have appeared in the Los Angeles Review of Books, The Los Angeles Times, Poets & Writers, and many other periodicals and anthologies.

Aimee received her MFA in creative writing from Bennington College and currently teaches fiction and nonfiction in GODDARD COLLEGE'S low-residency MFA PROGRAM IN CREATIVE WRITING at Port Townsend, Washington.

The focus of this website is Aimee's literary work -- her novels, essays, and anthologized work. For more in-depth information about her most recent nonfiction book, GAINING, and about her other work related to psychology and eating disorders, please visit


At long last! Aimee's bestsellers Cloud Mountain & Flash House are available wherever you get your downloads.

Aimee's Latest Posts at

What Galvanizes You as a Writer?

Once upon a time, before I'd ever been published, I read a column in Vogue magazine that galvanized me as a writer. I was then 22, newly emerged from an adolescence that this article nailed. It even gave a name to the relationship with food and weight that had held me captive for seven years. And it set me on the path of a behavioral and psychological mystery that would inspire many of my books and essays over the next forty years.

An MFA Love Letter to Goddard College

Unlike traditional writing programs, our students present work to their advisor each month, and in return they receive between 30 and 40 pages of editorial notes every semester. By the time they graduate, they have what amounts to a small book of craft advice written specifically for them. This process is tailored to the needs, skills, and aspirations of the individual student. We approach learning as a partnership.

A Writer Unpacks the Kavanaugh Hearings

"If the GOP senators on the Committee were writers, they’d have sent Kavanaugh back for a page-one rewrite and demanded the full investigation that Christine Blasey Ford had requested to complete her story and get to the truth of the nominee’s character."

Between Yearning and Dread

"My father was fully aware of my quest to understand him. He gave me just enough clues over the decades to keep me coming back for more. Then, two weeks before he died, he asked me to bring him a box."

From Fear to Yearning to Write Fiction Now

"To love is to be filled with compassion and affection for others and to tend and care for them as if they were one’s own, especially if they are less fortunate. It is to open up, and take others in, not shut down and close them out. To love is to privilege the light of hope over the fear of darkness.
The human yearning at the heart of literature seeks connection, not fight or flight. It leans toward the other, not away from difference. Romeo and Juliet come to mind. Leopold and Molly Bloom, Odysseus and Penelope."

And in Other News...

Aimee co-edited this fabulous anthology on writing by members of the Goddard College MFA in Creative Writing Program. These thirty essays range from craft concerns, such as form and perspective, to issues of artistic ambition and the role of the writer as social activist.
National Book Award finalist Kim Addonizio calls Alchemy, “a smart, exhilarating collection—a true literary conversation, filled with wit, heart, and insight.”
Maxine Hong Kingston, says:
“These authors’ thoughts are mystical and practical, political and inspiring and funny. I’ve found companions on this lonely journey.”

Time capsule! Aimee on air in 1979, talking about anorexia and her very first book, Solitaire:

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Aimee is the author of these acclaimed novels:

A tale of international intrigue and the unintended consequences of love, set in India and China, 1949. FLASH HOUSE is available in the UK and Commonwealth countries through Review Books; in Holland in Dutch translation through de Boekerij; and in Italy in Italian translation through Sperling & Kupfer.

The epic novel based on the marriage of Aimee's Chinese scholar-revolutionary grandfather and American grandmother, beginning with the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 and concluding with the turmoil of World War II in China.

Aimee's first novel, FACE (Warner Books, 1994)
Now back in print!

Aimee Liu is represented by:

Richard Pine
InkWell Management
521 Fifth Ave., NY 10175
(212) 922-3500